Cook with the slow cooker

I have received a new kitchen appliance, which was completely unknown to me until now, the Crock Pot, Slow Cooker or Schongarer.

He comes from America and is probably in every household. The device prepares with low temperatures over max. 12 hours of excellent food too. It is available in different sizes and from as little as 25 Euro.

That's how it's done

  • A roast piece, where all types of meat can be used, season to taste, sauté and if desired put on a (root) vegetable bed, in the pot.
  • Cover, turn on, wait 12 hours, done. The pot has the heating levels "high" "med" "low". All levels work well.
  • The long cooking time spreads the flavors and you get butter-tender, very taste-intensive meat.
  • Also goulash, Bolognese sauce (unsurpassed!), Braised cabbage, soups can be easily prepared in this way.

What the pot can not do

  • If you want crispy meat, this is wrong, because of the low temperature, no crust can be achieved. For this, the meat must be grilled when finished, but beware: it disintegrates very easily because it is really very tender.
  • What to pay attention to: Dairy products (cream, crème fraiche, sour cream) for refinement only shortly before the end of the cooking time, otherwise it flocks out.
  • Ideal is the pot for professionals, in the evening prepare everything, pot in the fridge, turn on in the morning, in the evening, when you get home everything is ready.
  • The power consumption is minimal.

Here is a product selection