Cooked cheese homemade


Preparation time: 15 min.
Total preparation time: 15 min.

My husband and I love cooking cheese. Above all, if there's a lot of cumin in there. The cooking cheese in the supermarket are just a few "caraway granules".

When I wanted to buy this treat again today, it occurred to me that for a while I had made the cheese myself. I still had the ingredients in my head. Purchased. At home, the recipe was first sought. It found out that I should once again save some recipes! :)

But now for the recipe:

Ingredients & Preparation

  • 250 g of Harz cheese
  • 200 ml of cream
  • 100 g of butter
  • Caraway to taste

Everything in a BIG! Pot. Dissolve the cheese in it at low level. Remove from heat

  • Stir in 250 g of curd cheese
  • 1 teaspoon soda

Add. The mass doubles, hence the larger pot! When adding cumin, stir occasionally until the cheese has set. So the caraway is distributed everywhere.

I paid for this:

250 g curds 0.39 euros
250 g of Harz cheese 0.98 euros
200 ml of cream 0.39 euros
100 g of butter depends on the price of butter.

Makes about 2 euros for 800 g of cheese. And what do I pay for a 200g potty? 1,19 euros!

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