Cool drinks with paddling pool and ice cream

Have not you ever had the problem that you had to cool a large amount of drinks for a party? Refrigerator too small :-( Even a second helps with a big party only conditionally :-(

Here's the solution: Get an inflatable kiddie pool in the camping shop or supermarket! The cheapest cost significantly less than 10 euros. Of course, pay attention to sufficient size.

Then arrange drinks standing in it. And now give it a lot Crasheis. This is the easiest and cheapest in large supermarkets at the fish counter (for example Globus or Real). Whoever has this ice cream is a butcher or slaughterhouse. The cost of the ice is very different from free (globe) to 10 euros for a sack is all there. In any case, get a sufficient amount and pre-order. The drinks should be on ice at least one hour before, at the earliest in the morning before the party.

Frozen treats that will have you missing summer! | Ice Cream Hacks By So Yummy | July 2020