Cordless Window Cleaner - affordable and convenient

Hello everybody! This is my first tip here and I hope I'm doing everything right. The other day I was in a big drugstore and actually wanted to buy only cat food, since I saw that it is a battery window cleaner for only 14? gave (private label of the drugstore chain), he normally costs 22,99?. Since you can not do much wrong with the money, I took it with me.

Today I cleaned all my windows with it, 6 normal approx. 1.20 x 1.20 m and the big one of the veranda, approx. 2 x 2 m big. Actually, I did not hope for much, but I was absolutely positively surprised. Never have cleaned my windows so fast! Of course, you still have to use a cloth (take a linen towel), something to clean, but to suck the water alone, is worth a lot, it's just faster and everything around it stays clean.

My conclusion: Such a window vacuum cleaner / window cleaner is really recommended and it also does a cheap device. Should the battery run dry and it is firmly installed, you can certainly with some craftsmanship, a new solder.

Extra tip: Add a non-foaming detergent to the spray bottle shown. (I had taken such a summer cleaner for the car windshield, the 5 liter canister cost just 1.29?).

Beldray Window Cleaning Vacuum | July 2020