Core the pomegranate without splash

Pomegranates are real miracle fruits with many valuable substances. Currently they are harvested and sold by us. Unfortunately, the cores are true spray masters. As soon as you touch them, the red splashes fly through the area.

The underwater method helps. First cut the fruit very carefully with a sharp, smooth knife into 4 parts. Then place them in a small bucket (20 cm high) that is half full of water. There the parts stay 15 minutes. Then you grab a quarter and break the shell apart and then you can replace the cores with your fingers. Always under water! Once all the cores have been removed, the water is poured through a sieve and the seeds are placed in a bowl.

With mineral water a tablespoon of seeds makes a great drink, they are also good in cereal. If you have a spaetzle press, you can make yourself a super healthy juice. But CAUTION - you have to press very slowly, otherwise it will splash again.

Fast Way to Process a Pomegranate | January 2024