Coupons & Co.? 8 saving tips when shopping in the supermarket

The purchase of food and drugstore items is a fixture in the monthly budget. If you start here and consistently follow a few tricks, you can regularly save money. Neither the quality nor the taste suffer - we show you how to shop smartly and pay less for high-quality products.

Save when shopping

Save by reduced articles

By cleverly planning the shopping time you can save money.A plan change with regard to the shopping time can be worthwhile: you go in the evening just before closing time In the supermarket, perishable items are offered discounted by 30-70% and you get the same products at a cheaper price. Fruits and vegetables are reduced directly on site, with packaged food from the refrigerated counter, there is often one ?Corner? with the goods shortly before the expiration date, Always be aware that the BBD is not a use-by date and that even after the expiry date most foods are still perfectly fit and consumable.

Save by price comparison

Compare the prices in different supermarkets and you'll be surprised what differences there are.Especially if you value brand name products, you should take the time Prices in different supermarket chains to compare, because here there are some of the same products great differences. Even the time of purchase is crucial - if you go up Discounts Wait, you can save a lot of money. Pay attention always to the packaging sizes: Often the price differences are hidden here. Once you get an overview, you can always buy your favorite products from the cheapest provider.

Save with weekly offers

Anyone who cleverly uses weekly offers from supermarkets will pay less for the same products.offer Flyers The supermarkets that land in the mailbox every week should not be left out. Anyone who does not allow themselves to be seduced by discounts, to buy something unnecessary, but cleverly plans his weekly shopping can save money. Most supermarkets also have one appin which you can check the current offers quickly and easily on the go.

Save with coupons

Coupons are easy to use and you benefit every week from new promotions.In the US is the so-called couponing a widespread hobby. This vouchers are collected, the Discounts on certain products grant. The vouchers can be found in newspapers or magazines as well as online. You can simply print or cut the tokens for the products you need, put the product in the cart, and when you pay, put the coupon on the cash register - the discount will be deducted.

TheFruitAndFlowerBasket is now working with, Germany's largest portal for savings in the food and drugstore sectorso you can save even easier. Visit our coupon page prior to your weekly purchase, where you can easily select and print coupons for the products you need. The whole thing is of course completely free for you and works without registration. It pays to visit regularly because there is weekly new offers.

Here you come to our current coupons!

Advertising tricks in the supermarket

The supermarkets have many tricks to encourage customers to buy - know them!Price policy measures often lead to strong and rapid reactions from the demanders. If you do not want to fall for the advertising tricks of manufacturers and retailers, you should look in the supermarket rather twice, deliberately compare prices and quality and can not be seduced by nicely arranged special offers. Below are a few simple tricks that should be used to influence consumers.

  • Price rounding effect: With broken prices (for example, 1.99?), Which are tightly below a flat price, the buyer should be given a worthwhile offer. Because we perceive price digits from left to right, whereby the first digit influences our price perception the most. Demanders also frequently associate with special offers on 9 ending prices.
  • The magic of the middle?: Often products are arranged on the shelf so that a product is surrounded by cheaper and more expensive alternatives. The consumer quickly resorts to medium-priced goods because he wants neither the highest quality nor the lowest price. Sometimes even more expensive products are included in the assortment, just to shift the middle? and the customer might resort to a more expensive product.
  • Be careful with the packaging: Retailers prefer to shrink packaging size instead of increasing the price. So, from time to time, see if you get the same price for the same price as a few weeks ago.
  • Discounts: Through artificial discounts the customer is suggested that he saves something. At a price of 100? and a 25% discount usually more people buy the product than if it were at a price of 75? is offered.
  • Optically and linguistically striking presentation of the selling price: There are special price indicators that signal the buyer a price advantage of the offer. Price breaker symbols (e.g., lightning or stars), eye-catching colors, and large-sized fonts are often used.Linguistically, products are often dubbed as special offer, lowest price, price hammer and unbeatably cheap.
  • Conditions that signal scarcity: Another trick to encourage consumers to buy is time restrictions (e.g., offer only this week?) And quantitative restrictions (e.g., no more than three pieces per customer?).

Save after shopping

Save with loyalty points

As a regular customer in the supermarket you can benefit from the different loyalty points promotions.Anyone who buys regularly in the same supermarket anyway can possibly make a bargain by collecting loyalty points. If there is a loyalty point action, the Points depending on the purchase value spent at the cash register. If you have collected enough points, there is one Discount on a specific product, In any case, you should compare the discounted product prices to make sure it's a bargain no advertising trap is.

Of course, collecting points only pays off if you have one Need for the action product and otherwise would have bought it for a more expensive price. Loyalty points can be rewarding if you do not let yourself be seduced by unnecessary tricks like discount and shortage.

Save with Payback

Once you have logged in, you only need to present your Payback Card at the cashier.The question: Do you have one Payback card?? seems familiar to you. To collect Payback points, you need a customer account, so you have to register first. Payback GmbH is an independent company and thus independent of supermarkets. Points can be collected in in-store stores or online from Payback partners. From 200 points there are different redemption options, The points can be directly in the store in the form of Shopping vouchers, online, but also as premiums redeemed at Aral or as Miles & More miles. You can also donate the collected points for a good cause. Nevertheless, one must be aware that the company in return numerous Collects customer data, Payback knows when and how much you spend on shopping, whether you change brands or stay loyal to them. What exactly was bought does not save every partner company. Your data will only be used for advertising and market research purposes, if you agree. In the settings, this can also be changed at any time.

Save with cashback

With cashback promotions, you get the money back for the purchased products back to your account.Cashback means?Money back? - So you save by buying products for which you ultimately pay nothing. There are lists of current Cashback campaigns on various websites, sometimes these are also noted on the products themselves (? Free trial !?). The product is initially bought in the supermarket as usual, then you have to upload the receipt on the promotion page and enter some data. Then a few weeks patience is needed until that Money back to your account becomes.

With Cashback can thus theoretically save the most, since one individual Gets gifts, However, the whole thing is relative high effort because every single receipt must be scanned and a form filled in for each product. The terms of participation and promotion periods must also be carefully studied to make sure that a refund is made. Overall, cashback is more likely than gimmick and is difficult to integrate profitably into the normal weekly shopping.

With the multitude of possibilities and tips for saving, you can choose which best suits you and your habits, With a bit of search and preparation time, you can quickly find the cheapest source of shopping and the right time to buy, to save a few euros in the supermarket convenient.

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