Cream cheese homemade

Making fresh cheese yourself - easy and fast: due to the lack of fresh milk from the farmer, I like to make cream cheese from yogurt 3,5 o. 10%, recently also from buttermilk.


You need a hair sieve and suitable container to drain.

Lay out the strainer with a piece of paper towel, add yoghurt, cover with the kitchen paper, let it soak overnight in the refrigerator.

In the morning, I drink the whey before breakfast, fresh cheese or natural to taste, for breakfast.

Minimal effort also for single.


Heat buttermilk in the pot to 60 °, make finger test, allow to cool, proceed as above.

The cream cheese tastes a bit gritty, 1 liter of milk gives about 750 ml of whey and 250 g of cream cheese.

Tastes great with 1 HV fresh herbs, spring onions, radishes, grated carrot, cucumber, cream and / or linseed oil.

1 L of buttermilk costs 0.75 euros, 500 ml of natural whey 0.65 euros, cream cheese no idea!

How to Make Cream Cheese - Gemma's Bold Baking Basics Ep 11 | May 2020