Cream does not clot when hitting

Rama Cremefine so the cream does not clot when stiff.

Have the problem that whipped cream, also cooled very well, always coagulates and flocculates when I beat them. That's why I only use Rama Cremefine for beating. At first, I bought it because of the reduced fat content. I noticed that it never clots and stiffens immediately. Maybe there's chemistry in it, I do not know. It was once said that she is not so natural. I do not care, because I do not like creamed cream.

By the way, vegan "cream" had the same problem and it did not get stuck. By the way, you can also use them for cooking. Only reversed Rama Cremefine for cooking, you can not beat. I do not want to advertise here, do not get a discount from Rama.

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