Create Tiger Balm yourself

Tiger Balm can be used for many things, including colds or, for example, Insect bites. But since only a few grams cost a lot, you can also make the balm yourself. The ingredients are even on the pack, for 11 g:

1.0 g menthol
1.1 g camphor racemic
0.6 g peppermint oil
0.7 g of cajeput oil
0.1 g clove oil
2.6 g paraffin
4.9 g Vaseline

You can buy the substances in the pharmacy and mix them yourself. All in all, this is much cheaper than buying a tin of Tiger Balm with a few grams.


Depending on the desired amount of Tiger Balm you put the appropriate substances according to the above table in a jar and heated the mixture to about 70 ° C (preferably in warm water). Now stir vigorously until all the substances have dissolved and a clear liquid is obtained.

This liquid can now be filled in a suitable vessel and allowed to harden.

Homemade CBD Salve Recipe | July 2020