Creative gift packaging

You can easily wrap gifts of money yourself creatively.

Accessories for packaging

  • 1 mason jar (here a big one)
  • blue decorative stones
  • bills
  • small wooden heart
  • 2 toothpicks
  • 1 art rose
  • 1 stapler
  • 1 rubber ring for the glass

This is how it's done

First, put the blue decoration stones in the glass, then the money, here folded into money boats. For decoration, fold bills to the accordion, staple them together with the stapler and insert a toothpick into the staple. Now drape everything nicely in the glass, finally the rose.

The present was the 60th birthday for my sister-in-law, who goes cruising with a man, so the boats etc.

For a wedding, the whole thing would be very nice in white. I personally do not like envelopes with money, I find so unimaginative. Have fun while copying.

Now only the preserving gum on the glass, cover it and cook. I did it in the asparagus pot. 20 minutes at 80 degrees. But please leave the basket of asparagus in the pot, the glass must be covered with something heavy, otherwise it floats ?????????.

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