Crepes hearty or sweet


Preparation time: 10 min.
Cooking or baking time: 15 min.
Total preparation time: 25 min.

What I like about my crepes recipe is that I can use it both as well. For children's birthday the ideal sweet finger food, the adult birthday is the ideal hearty, wenns must be, even finger food, all from a dough.


For about 40 crepes

  • 500g flour
  • a bit of salt
  • 8 eggs
  • 800? 1000 ml of milk


  1. The ingredients are mixed together and the milk is finally added to it, until everything has a liquid-creamy consistency. The whole baking is done in a coated crêpe pan (there are already everywhere in the offer, usually for 4-5 euros), which has a only about 1-2 cm high edge, so can the crêpes when baking easily with a flat coated scraper Loosen from the pan bottom and turn.
  2. The dough is placed on the bottom of the pan with a ladle, then the pan is pivoted so that the dough spreads throughout the pan, only then put on the stove. For electric stoves level 4-5, it will be too hot otherwise.
  3. Once the pan is on the griddle, you can see how the crepe "dries" from the outside in and if the whole surface of the dough no longer shines, then the time is right to remove the crepe from the bottom of the pan around the edge !
  4. It can then be shaken so that it slides back and forth in the pan. Then it is only a matter of practice to turn the pancake skilfully in the air with a sweep. It works, honestly, even without the crepe hanging from the ceiling * grin *.
  5. At the first crêpe, I put some oil in the pan, which is no longer necessary after the coating! However, I must admit that with me always the first of 40 pancakes fully in his pants and comes pretty torn from the pan. For years it is like this and I can not explain it * shame *.
  6. After that it always fleeces well! So do not despair if the first does not work. Even if the crepes are to be made sweet finger food, I advise against even sweetening the dough!
  7. First, it burns faster and the pancake can not be easily removed from the pan. The ingredients add enough sweetness afterwards, so you do not have to sweeten the dough.

Here are some Suggestions for sweet use:

Coated with:

  • Nuts nougat cream, no matter which ones you like!
  • Jam.

Sprinkle with:

  • sugar
  • Sugar-cinnamon mixture
  • Chocolate crumbles, best when warm, crêpes.


  • Apple compote, mmmh, best homemade,
  • cream
  • ice
  • Ice cream and cream

Here are some Suggestions for hearty use:

  • Cover with chutneys, apple or autumn, delicious, pumpkin chutney
  • Turkey-sliced ​​with cream-Fraichesößchen
  • steamed vegetables (well, the first three are rather fingerfood unsuitable, but delicious)
  • sausage

and, and, and, your imagination has no limits.

We eat everything to the crepes, and to prevent, even with ice cream and very, very
calorie goes, we eat it every now and then, not every day. These are only suggestions! May everyone choose their part.

Remains to say that it is an original Parisian crepes recipe from my French girlfriend! Et voila!

High-Protein Sweet And Savory Crepes | June 2020