Crochet hearts: carpet or potholders

To be able to crochet little hearts before Mother's Day or Father's Day, here are two instructions.

If you want to crochet a regularly shaped heart, you need evenly thick yarn. B. Potholder yarn and can proceed as follows (Figure 1 and 2).

  1. Crochet 6 tight loops in an air mesh ring in the middle.
  2. Work the 7th tight stitch in the first and continue to work in a spiral pattern

increase 6 fixed stitches per round

  1. After 3 rounds (24 stitches) start with the heart shape: crochet lace: crochet crochet, crochet crochet crochet 90 degrees and work the next crochet stitch into the previous stitch. Crochet around the top in the same way every other round (see picture 6)
  2. After the top crochet 6 sts with no increase, then half a stick. Crochet 2 sticks in each of the next 3 fixed loops, 1 half stick, 1 stick stitch, 1 slit stitch. With this you have made the right round of your heart and work the left opposite: 1 crochet stitch, 1 half crochet, crochet 2 sticks in the next 3 crochet stitches, 1 half stick, then firm stitches without increases to the point.
  3. The shape of the heart is created by adding 3 sticks to the rounded corners of the heart each round and adding up to 3 warp stitches between the rounds over half sticks and a tight loop.
  4. If the heart has reached the desired size, you can still crochet a border in fixed stitches with different colored yarn and also increase 3 stitches at each rounding of the heart. I like to do that in two-colored spirals. You can see the two loops (light blue / dark blue), with which I continue to hack into spirals.

If you do not like strict symmetry, the second manual is just right for you. The carpet has a somewhat irregular shape, as does the human heart.

The "thread" from which the rug is crocheted is itself irregular. It comes from a worn-out sheet, which I have spirally torn into stripes (Figure 7). So I could optimally use the well-preserved edge and dispose of the worn-out center.

  1. For the heart-shaped carpet, I have each crocheted a circle for each rounding of the heart. For the heart a triangle.
  2. Then the three parts sewn together and crocheted in rounds (on picture 4) well to recognize).
  3. If I sew old-fashioned carpets, then I do not always stab into the complete fixed loop of the preliminary round, but only into the top loop (Figure 5). This results in a more beautiful stitch pattern and the carpet becomes flatter. (See also tip crochet patchwork quilt from old laundry).
  4. Crochet at the lower tip after the last fixed stitch in front of the point an air mesh, turn crochet work by 90 degrees and work in the next fixed stitch laterally in the previous fixed stitch (picture 6).
  5. Crochet around the top in the same way every other round.

I wish all moms and dads a lot of fun with their hearts, whether when reworking, giving or using.

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