Cross-country skiing: save 80% on the Anti-Ice-Spray

After we have finally enough snow on the Ostalb, I was already 6 times on the track for cross-country skiing. I run classic on no wax skis and wax the glide zone with a wax pencil, the climbing zone with an anti-ice spray from a renowned manufacturer.

Unfortunately, the anti-ice spray was now empty and when visiting the store, I was a bit shocked that the 200 ml spray can was now offered for 19.99 euros, that is, the liter costs a whopping 100, - €, which I might for one would spend good single malt whiskey, but not for this anti-ice spray. 2 years ago, the spray cost 14.95, expensive enough but at least 25% cheaper.

Annoyed and googled I found then 1 whole liter of the mixture from the same manufacturer in the tin for 15.95, including shipping for 20.85.

The fabric was delivered after 2 days, filled by me in a clean spray bottle - my sun spray from last summer - and voila, I can now prepare my skis for 4, - € 200 ml each.

Search Google for "Anti-Ice & Glide Wax 1 Liter", you'll find it.

1 liter is a lot, but you can share the stuff with friends and neighbors. In the sense and may the snow remain for a while.

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