Custom nuts: Packaging for coupons or requests

Fortune cookies in my own way: sometimes it should be something more than a card and yet less than a gift. Because these are nice nuts:

Self-proclaimed coupons, dear wishes, little verses, sayings or wisdom can be packed in walnut shells and given away.

The work steps:

1. Carefully break up a sufficient amount of walnuts with a small pointed peeler and remove halves of the nut, intermediate skin and crumbs (after removing the nut, put the bowls aside with distance to the next pair: of course I did not think about it and later had to laboriously adjust the mating ones Gather halves from a large bowl of peel mix).

2. The shell halves are now painted white with placard color. For larger quantities, it is advisable to dive the shells in color. I still had wall paint left, which I filled into a cleaned screw jar. The nuts I have completely dipped with a barbecue tongs, drain and dried on newspaper.

3. Choose an appealing font for the many different wishes, sayings or wisdoms on the PC, print out the page, cut into narrow strips and affix a matching sticker on one side. This should look out a piece.

4. Tie the halves of the nut together with the tape (one drop of hot glue is helpful), fill in a decorative glass and give it away.

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