Dandelion flowers - this is how you get rid of the crabs

Anyone who has ever collected dandelion flowers for syrup (some also call it "honey") knows what kind of life there is in it. Disgusting when they first come to light in the syrup.

Soaking the flowers in water to drive out the crawlers would be outrageous and not very beneficial to the intended outcome.

I successfully practiced the following method again this year:

White cotton napkins (which can then be used to remove the adhering pollen a slightly more rabid treatment) spread on trays or baking trays and the flowers neatly lay out. Have you hardly been able to discover anything about animals before? Now you should see them whiz!

I do not know why this works. Maybe they think, it is snow and they would have to seek a hibernation immediately ...;)

The main thing, it works - by the way also in elderflower.

How to remove dandelions | August 2022