Danish Christmas tradition - rice pudding


Preparation time: 10 min.
Cooking or baking time: 40 min.
Total preparation time: 50 min.

We have asked ourselves this year again, what we can make beautiful on Christmas Eve in the bond of the family.

Dice or throw presents, or just play a game together, has already been done frequently. So we wanted to bring some fresh wind into the evening.?

Since we have stolen the Danish Christmas tradition and immediately implemented, and I can only say that everyone was thrilled.

In Denmark there is always for dessert a large pot of rice pudding, in which a whole almond is hidden, and whoever has caught the almond and has not eaten, will get a gift.

The little meanness is still, if the almond should be eaten by mistake, there is no surprise for anyone and it must not be rumored in the whole pot, of course, until you have the almond.

In addition, the whole pot must be eaten with rice pudding (therefore pay special attention to the amounts) and you have the almonds all the time hamster, whether in the cheek or under the tongue, the secret may only be aired at the end. Then, of course, it is speculated wild when eating, who has the almonds now. A little meanness is still in the rice pudding. Almond strips are added to the rice, so you have to pay even more attention that the stripes are not confused with the one particular almond.

But now for the preparation

Rice pudding is cooked as usual, but it adds the pith to a vanilla pod. When the rice pudding is well drained, add the almond strips and the whipped cream. Now it is only good to hide the whole almond. The rice pudding can be eaten with cinnamon and sugar, but also with red pudding or hot cherries.

How to Make Danish Christmas Rice Pudding | June 2024