DC Fix in the Kitchen - How Does DC Fix Stick to Edges and Corners?

I stuck my kitchen front with DC Fix. That this was not the smartest of my actions, I became aware only in hindsight. Especially in the kitchen (damp and steamy) the corners came off again after a few days. Also, the front was not so good wet rub off. So I decided to remove this foil again.

... But then I came up with an idea ... I painted the front and of course the corners and edges with boat clearcoat.
First I worked all around the edges and corners with extra fine sandpaper. So I broke the cut-ridge of the film and it sticks better to the edges. Then came the painting.

I applied the first coat last Saturday night. Thus, the varnish, until the next use of the kitchen, had 11-12 hours to dry.

On Monday evening I then applied the second coat. Let it dry again overnight for 11-12 hours.
Well ... what should I say? Everything smudge and abrasion resistant. Even the corners and edges are "bombproof".

Easy Application of self-adhesive film on a Corner and Edge | June 2022