Deco Christmas bell

Nice decoration: Christmas bell from PET bottle.

It's incredible what you can do with old PET bottles. Today I made this great deco Christmas bell and the result is impressive. Only at second glance do you realize that it is a PET bottle.


  • A PET bottle is best such, which has a round bell shape above
  • Gold paint for spraying or painting
  • Dekoband
  • Glue
  • a small ball is best a table tennis ball
  • Decoration for gluing
  • scissors

Since I did not have a table tennis ball, I had to attach my ball differently, but you can pierce a table tennis ball with a knitting needle, top and bottom, then pull through a string and attach it to the bottle cap.

  1. The first thing to do is to cut off the top part of the bottle, and then pour it straight, then spray that part and the ball with gold or silver varnish, to taste.
  2. When everything has dried well, glue the deco tape down the edge and then attach the ball to the screw cap, just chew the string and screw it back in to hold it, as the table tennis ball is light.
  3. As a holder for the bell, I took a Christmas decoration with a handle on it was appropriate, maybe you find something similar, or you get a small branch and wrapped with something string or Dekoband to taste.
  4. Then simply stick on the cap of the bottle and decorate the bell a bit. Already you have made a great homemade bell.

Have fun crafting.

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