Decorate (LED) candles varied

I like to decorate our candles. Since we burn candles every night, I am happy when they get a "new look" every now and then. I do not use any sticky wax or anything like that.

I enclose some examples as a photo.

I use, for example, pretty decorative gift ribbon in at least 2cm wide. By means of (by me) sewn on Velcro tape is changed quickly. Of course, it also holds with Tesafilm, but I do not stick it directly to the wax, but only to the deco tape.

In addition, I use so-called Streudeko (available in the Internet auction house), the best are flat motifs in 3-5 cm in size. Sometimes you will also find in drugstores, there are small gifts to decorate flat flowers, or other motifs, with glue dot or a miniature clip. I remove both carefully, because the staples are usually too thick for my purposes and the glue dot leaves behind when peeling residues.

Also suitable for decorating beautiful necklace pendant in 3-5cm size.

These decorative elements I attach with transparent elastic band in 1mm thickness (also available on the Internet, for making bracelets, etc.). The attachment is thus virtually "invisible".

Oh yes, I use LED Echtwachskerzen. Of course, it works the same way with real candles, although of course the flame must not come into contact with the decoration because of the risk of fire.

Big House LED Flameless Candle Battery Operated, totally elegant vary pretty | June 2020