Decorate meadow grave

Some of you are older, you live further away or you do not have a car to do regular grooming. It must not be planted on it, because it is mowed over it. So that the meadow grave of my mother does not look so bleak, I sprinkle petals on the grave. I bring the bouquet with me from the shop.

A bouquet looks bad in the heat soon and nobody puts it away then. The petals decompose gradually and so is longer a splash of color on it.

You can not plant anything. I've planted a few little darlings (these are cultivated daisies). They do not mind if it's mowed over. (Morning was mowed, so you do not see much of it.)

I sowed new turf that is already starting to sprout. He is shorn once a week with the lawn edge scissors.

And when everything is nice and green (see the neighboring grave with the red petals), it looks neat. Meanwhile some of my tips make ...

Grave (Scene Creation / Unreal Engine 4) | June 2022