Decoration for the kitchen with corncobs

A cute decoration for the kitchen made of corncob, I make so: Remove the young Kölbchen from the shell and cut the "hair" right. For eyes, nose and mouth, cut pins (with head) with pliers and insert. If you just cut off the bottom of the cup, it is fine without tools. The decoration lasts a few days.

Granny_Duck: Although I can easily leave something undecorated: once a year I take a sample from a corn field, in the form of two to three ripe flasks. All right, I'll steal it.
I remove the very outer dry leaves, I leave some of them and beat them back. Very decorative in a nice flat bowl.
If someone could not hold a "if-the-would-make" comment - yeah, we know, but not everybody does it. Incidentally, it is not corn for human consumption, but to Silagemais for cattle.

High Court! I agree with my defender's excuses and ask for mitigating envelopes!

DIY Christmas Gifts: Corn Cob Skewers | June 2020