Decorative pouring aid for flowers

Decorative flower-pouring aid for the comfortable and forgetful: glass bottle, filled with wool and water, looks decorative and slowly releases the water to the plant.

So that in the meantime you can forget flower-making, make yourself comfortable, or go on vacation. For this purpose, please try in everyday use, how long such a water filling.

This tip is a mix of several individual tips and is therefore entitled to a separate entry.

As with theFruitAndFlowerBasket TV tip, plants automatically pour on vacation? the water drains too quickly from the storage bottle, so that the water supply only for a "fast-minute vacation"? enough ;-), I have considered that you can combine this tip with the idea with the cotton threads. The cotton threads are to transport the water from a vessel, which is placed a little higher next to the flower pot.

Instead, I stuffed a lot of wool wool and cotton wool remnants into a bottle. A thin rod is very helpful. e.g. a Chinese chopstick, so you get everything well through the bottleneck.

(If you look closely you will notice that these are the threads of my first loop scarf, which I made with "arm knitting", but unfortunately from too thin wool, so it is also possible for me to untangled wool or a bad knit piece be, then she sucks better with water full.)

Then fill the bottle with water, shaking it again and again and possibly adding more wool. Let a few wool threads hang out to the bottleneck.

Then put the bottle upside down in the soil of the flowerpot and distribute the hanging threads in the soil. The loose water runs off quite soon, not quite as fast as with an otherwise empty bottle, but the wool threads hold back a lot of water and give it off only gradually.

The bottle can certainly be filled with other materials, e.g. with small cut rinse sponges, rags, etc. But I wanted to give my bad knitting still a decorative and useful sense.

Anyone who has eagerly snatched PET bottles off the floor after the Mutti TV tip can fill them with even more comfort than through the bottleneck with scraps of wool or sponges, thereby perfecting the tip. Maybe Bernhard can add a scene to his Frag TV tip?

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