Delete candles without splashing

Now, just before Christmas, that suits!

Who has not always been annoyed that if you blow a candle with a puff always something wax on the tablecloth or elsewhere scattered. It also happens that the wick just keeps on blazing and then is almost gone if you want to burn the candle again.

What works well is when you blow out the candle. So close to the candle and then slowly breathe. By breathing with less oxygen, the candle goes out, but the wick still glows a little further.

I always do it that way (and that's how I reach the tall candles on the Christmas tree). Just turn a household candle slowly over the burning wick and the candle is already out. She does not smoke anymore and is easier to rekindle. You can use the candle over and over again. Just try it.

Yankee Candle Orange Splash Review | April 2021