Denture cleaner against armpit sweat stains in T-shirts

I tried something different and it worked. A bit expensive in the long run, but to save the favorite pieces ... :)

I'll try to describe what I've done: 3 tablets Kucki-Dent from the drugstore. On the package is something like "eliminates odor causing bacteria" And I thought to myself - I have it in the shirt ...

I cut off the armpit part of my shirt with rubber bands and put the two "croissants" in a tall container (for example a measuring cup). Then the 3 tablets to. And then hot, no longer boiling water from the kettle thrown over it.

Soak for 15 minutes, rinse. No more leftovers! Wear the shirt today and it's not a problem ...

What denture cleaners are not good;)

Remove Yellow stain from clothes | September 2020