Deodorant homemade - simple, effective and cheap - without aluminum

As the discussion about the harmfulness of aluminum salts began, I was thinking about alternatives to aluminum-containing deodorants.

Of course there are also aluminum-free deodorants, but they had the disadvantage that after a few hours I started to spice up. I tried a lot of different products and was not satisfied with any.

My great-aunt told me that earlier in her youth she had powdered soda to prevent the smell of sweat, but that was only on special occasions, because the soda dried out the skin.

So I had the idea: why not combine soda with cream to care for the skin?

I bought a can of all-purpose cream (Lidl own brand) and stirred in a sachet of Kaiser Natron. Finished.

Even after sweaty work or very hot summer days, I no longer smell of sweat. I even have to say that this is the most effective deodorant I've ever used, once I even had 40 hours no way to wash or shower and it still did not smell.

How to Make Natural Deodorant (3 ingredients!) | June 2024