Descale tea kettle and kettle - with lemon juice

Decalcification with vinegar has been described several times here at FM. If you like the smell of vinegar, you can also switch to lemon juice.

For this purpose, the small bottles from the supermarket, which look like a big lemon, are very well suited.

Empty the contents of the whole lemon into the calcified part, add a glass of water and cook for 5 minutes. Leave for at least 4 hours. The apartment smells lemon fresh and summery.

Then as in the version described at FM vinegar version, in the toilet, where also some evil deposit is solved. The whole hearted soak an old rag with it and stuff it for an hour under the edge of the toilet bowl.

But back to the tea kettle. Rinse well with hot water. And better rinse again.

For the next three years, you have a lime-free pot or cauldron and feel you have done something useful.

How To Remove Limescale From A Kettle With Lemon | Simple & Cheap Way To Descale Your Kettle | June 2020