Design labels from Jersey yourself

After the upcycling loop, I quickly sewed two loops again (because slightly warmer days were announced), for which I had already pre-washed the fabrics.

So cut and sew - not really a thing, but this time I wanted to make a label again and sew, this time from the respective back fabric of the loops, so that I could equal from the right to achieve a contrast.

I have presented the two differently made fabric labels together with pictures. Unfortunately, when photographing the smartphone has a (color) dash through the bill, because in the first pictures, the actually turquoise-colored label is represented pretty much light green ...

Maybe one or the other might like to try out this idea of ​​label production - but there are always many ways leading to an appealing outfit, and fortunately the tastes are always quite different!

Explanatory pictures

1. This label is wrapped around the edge and then stitched from the right.

2. For the second loop, the label is only sewn from the right side before closing the long edges on the lighter layer and is completely visible as a whole.

3. To be able to write on stretchable jersey, back iron Vlieseline H200 and at times cut back slightly into shape at the corners to be hit later.

4. First emboss, then describe with a thin OH-pen.

5. First the long edges are pasted with Stylefix.

6. Then flip the jersey to the left and press down.

7. Check these edges from the right.

8. Do the same with the short edges.

9. It is difficult to make such a small object 100% perfect.

10. The first label is indeed around the loop edge? there / on the inside of the loop my name is written.

11. Both labels are attached to the respective loop with Stylefix ?.

12. The horizontal label is sewn on with a larger stitch length and an edging foot around it.

13. So you could show it while wearing the loop ?!

14. Also attach the dark blue label with Stylefix and then sew through all the layers (2x loop and 2x label).

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