Dessert with raspberries

Although many recipes with raspberries have been described here, but I wanted to tell my yesterday's success in terms of a dessert with raspberries:

We were at a big, short-term celebration where everyone should bring something. Since I have always frozen many raspberries in stock, I have put together a very fast variant. Also had sponge biscuits in stock, which I then used as a "base" to prevent too fast becoming soggy of the dessert.

So here is my recipe, which was so wholly owned by the guests:


1 packet of biscuits (number depending on the size of the shape)
500 g of low-fat quark
1 cup of sour cream
1 cup of cream
1 cream fuser
1 vanilla sugar
Brown sugar
frozen raspberries


Beat cream with vanilla sugar and cream stabilizer. Mix cottage cheese, sour cream and whipped cream.

Spoon the biscuits into a square shape, then fill in half of the quark cream mixture. Then spread the frozen raspberries on it. Spread the cane sugar generously over it and with the piping bag the remaining mass as a finishing touch. Then, since everything is still cool, smooth the mass evenly with a scraper.

I have prepared everything 4 hours before and to the point exactly to the celebration everything was still freshly cooled, also the raspberries still "as a whole" available.

As you can see, nothing can go wrong!

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