Disguise wasps pet friendly from the barbecue

In early August, many have holidays and / or holidays. Some leave, many stay at home to make themselves beautiful in their own garden. It would all be so nice if there were not the wasps. In order to be able to feed wasp-free in the garden, there are no tips, but to be able to eat and drink at least undisturbed.

Since I myself am a wasp consultant of the NBU (Nature Conservation Union), I would like to post the most helpful tip here.

Already about 3-4 weeks before the party, find a suitable corner in the garden, which is far enough away from the main event. This place should be at least 4-6 meters from the upcoming barbecue area.

Put jam, pieces of fruit or other sweets on a small plate every day, and place them on the chosen "feeding place". The wasps (mainly the German and the common wasp) will approach this place because they are used to finding food here. Your barbeque party will hardly be considered, as the wasps now have their feeding place.

Do not worry, they will not attract more wasps, but will take most of the visitors to the usual feeding place. On the day of the party, slice two lemons, spice them with cloves and spread them on a small plate on the table. This stops the wasps flying by and looking for food, because they do not like this smell at all.

Of course, I do not guarantee that one or two animals will get lost on the table, but many wasps are kept away by this method. Just give it a try ... you'll be surprised.

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