Divide money for the whole month

Inspired by another tip I've seen here, here's my own tip:

Divide money for the whole month - as I come every month to make ends meet and even every month still money (100-200 €) left. (Not the latest tip, but it works for me).

So as soon as you know how much money you have earned (if it is different for somebody every month), you sit down first and calculate ALL basic costs of the month. These include, of course, rent, electricity, gas, insurance, rates, tickets etc ...

The rest of the money you have is divided by the days left over until you get the next time money and so has a value that you can spend almost every day to get exactly to zero. Goes also with weekly, but I personally find that it does not work sooooo well. For example, you have 20 euros per day.

Of course you do not spend 20 Euro every day (at least I do not) but often less or more times. Accordingly, at the end of the month you always have a bigger buffer that you could spend (but not necessarily). Of course you should always know exactly how much money you have, otherwise it makes no sense.

Larger expenses (clothes, new purchases, etc.), you should rather put on the end of the month, where you are sure that you have money left, because if you do that at the beginning of the month, you can rather misjudge and it There is no more money left over at the end.

Please do not strike immediately, because the tip is not applicable to everyone ...

How to Properly Manage Your Money Like the Rich | Tom Ferry | May 2020