Divide the butter into 10 gram pieces

Actually, I came across it because a critical friend once claimed that a piece of butter in fact only 240g, not 250g, as stated on the packaging. Well, I have never weighed it, but since then, I've been subdividing every new piece of butter that I put in the butter dish into 24 pieces of about 10 g? by using a knife (or a dipper stick) into the surface 3 lines along and 5 lines at right angles (as far as possible) uniform intervals (see photo).

So I have a better overview, if I give "a trick of butter" to the vegetables or lubricate me a bread or nachbacke a cake recipe, for example, "75 g of butter" requires. Besides, I think it just looks neater if the butter is always peeled piece by piece from the same side?

Quick Tip on How to Measure Butter | May 2020