Do not look at the clock - feel more rested

Who sleeps very restless, often awake at night or has to pee out, for which I have brought a tip from the rehab, which is worth trying out, because it costs nothing, requires no effort and is not harmful to health. Just a bit to defeat the inner bastard you have to:

Do not look at the clock when you wake up!

It helped me to feel much better in the morning, because of the annoyance: "I was awake at twelve, then at half past one, at three forty again ..." does not immediately wander in the thought at the most "wrenched" waking up.

And you do not sit down under pressure during the night: "Just ... hours, and I have to get up, hopefully I'll fall asleep again ..."

Effect: The brain remembers the times of awakening, WHEN you look at the clock, but forgets how often you were awake, if you do NOT look at it.

I guess I'll keep awake just as often, but it can be endured much better. It cost me at the beginning but really overcome, not to look ...

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