Do not take painkillers safely

Almost everyone has them at home, the helpers for headache, toothache and Co. - but you can take these over-the-counter funds anytime and in any case? Much must be considered before taking - this should be just a CALL FOR CAUTION and an INJURY TO INFORM (doctor, pharmacy!)

Above all, the following points are important:

Is the analgesic compatible with my other medicines?
There are some interactions to consider. If someone uses blood-thinning agents (Marcumar, Plavix, ASA ...), many analgesics increase the tendency to bleed or the combination of ibuprofen-ASA may hamper the effect of the latter. ALWAYS in such cases: ask a doctor or pharmacist!

If you take other painkillers that have been prescribed, it can easily become too much of a good thing.

Do I accept the remedy in general?
Asthmatics and allergy sufferers must be careful with e.g. Ibuprofen and ASA (acetylsalicylic acid). Asthma can be triggered here. Allergies can be intensified etc. All chronically ill patients should ask their doctor for interactions with "everyday drugs".

Almost all painkillers irritate the stomach. If the stomach mucosa is damaged, it can lead to dangerous bleeding! Who sometimes has a stomachache - Stay away from aspirin and the like.

How often and how much pain medication can I take?
First, without medical advice, one should not take painkillers for more than three consecutive days and not more than 10 days a month. First, the body otherwise gets used to it and reacts with "withdrawal" with e.g. Headache! Vicious circle, secondly, kidney, liver and other organ damage can be the result of long-term use. The daily maximums (read in the package insert) are extremely important!

Attention also with paracetamol: even a short-term overdose can lead to massive irreversible liver damage.

People keep telling me about their excessive use of painkillers, which is why I was well informed!

Always seek treatment for severe and recurrent pain, toothache and unexplained pain.

Here are just a few examples of gentle alternatives for lighter complaints without going into detail:

relaxation techniques
Heating or cooling applications
Teas, medicinal herbs
Sleep / rest
Change in the life situation

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