Do Terere & Chimarrao yourself


Preparation time: 5 min.
Total preparation time: 5 min.

In South America friends are not invited for coffee, but for a Tereré or a Chimarrão!

Tereré: refreshing ice-cream in the summer

Tereré is a real refreshment for the hot summer days. It's about a kind of ice teathat out Yerba (similar to green tea) and iced water is prepared. That will be something for Tereré coarser yerba used (when buying, make sure that it is not the very fine yerba). For the preparation is a guampa (traditional drinking vessel) or a higher cup until about half filled with yerba. Thereafter, the cup is held up with the flat hand and in a horizontal position slightly shakenso that the coarser yerba collects in the bottom of the glass. The glass is then slowly returned to a vertical position. Then comes the Bombilla (Drinking straw) in the cup to the bottom.

To drink Tereré ice-cold water is used, in which, depending on the taste squeeze in a little lemon can be. This is now filled in the drinking vessel. It should be noted that the finer yerba does not immediately land on the floor of the glass. Therefore, only a small amount of water is added. And you can start drinking with the Tereré! After drinking, you can refill any amount of ice water and enjoy the Tereré.

Chimarrão: Soothing warmth for the colder days

chimarrão is more for the winter or for the early morning hours in other seasons. The Chimarrão is prepared similar to the Tereré. The difference is that now hot water is used and in the guampa the finer yerba is filled. Some people drink the chimarrão also with one small shot of honey to. Chimarrão fills the body with a soothing warmth. In addition, it has a similar effect as coffee: He is a real awake.

As Diferenças de Bombas para Tereré e Chimarrão ? | May 2020