Dr. Beckmann's spot devil against various stains

Also at the risk that many members Dr. Beckmann's spot devil already know, but then here again in the forum the tip for still "young" people who have to conquer their household with all its pitfalls - this includes the question: Which stain remover are there at which spots?

For this there are - after all gentle attempts with "harmless" means such as gall soap or prewash in the machine or have failed - in the product line "Dr. Beckmanns Fleckenteufel", the chemical club, e.g. for the following types of stains:

Grass - Resin - Cocoa - Make up - Oil - Shoe polish - Highlighter - Marker (the craft time comes ...) u.v.a.m. On the back of each label of the bottle is exactly how to use this patch devil.

Before, in any case, a spot test in as little visible place! But had not yet etched holes, but only flawless textiles!

So far, I've never bought such a free one - beyond that, they all hold as long as you like in a very small bottle (although they are in the kitchen cupboard in the sometimes humid kitchen). Often I've already lent my money, sharing with the neighbor is great anyway, because you do not use it every day.

I personally edit the textile on the same day with Dr. Ing. Beckmanns ... if I want to wash a corresponding laundry (40 degrees ...) anyway: First the stain devil, then immediately into the washing machine and everything is good!

Editor's tip: Dr. Beckmann spot devil against all types of stubborn stains, there are here on Amazon in the offer

How to Remove Fat & Cooking Oil Stains with Dr. Beckmann Stain Devil No. 5 | September 2022