Dry cloths against smelling shoes

Who does not know that: especially in the summer bad smelling sneakers or others. You sweat and the smell is stuck in the shoe. Although there are expensive shoe sprays or fragrance bags, but they are not the world.

I am 1000% convinced of my tip and my circle of friends is constantly thanking for it. And you buy Lenor dryer cloths (as you already hear out for the dryer, so that the laundry smells nice and fresh). The cloths come in my shoes. If you clean them in the evening and bring them out in the morning, believe me, the scent is awesome ... Even if you then have the shoe for a few hours and then take off again, the shoes and stockings smell really good after Lenor. It does not have to be embarrassing to take your shoes off after several hours. Try it, you'll be thrilled.

SMELLY SHOES? How to keep them clean and smelling good - Queen of Clean on TV | August 2020