Dye cloth - dye with black tea

Ever dyed with black tea cloth? I'm in the process of tailoring the costumes for our children's theater. Since "old to new" plays a big role! The tiresome cost question!

So I wanted to take the hard white of a disused Florentine tulle curtain and reminded me of a dyeing, with which I have already repainted, namely with tea - with strong black tea.

Cust fibers become cream-colored, cotton can become quite dark. You should really try on a speckerl and dilute the broth with water if necessary.

How do I do that?

  1. I take a handful of black tea, pour boiling water over it, let it go, get it off and off you go.
  2. Soak the dyed fabric well, move it back and forth so it does not stain and then rinse with clear water.
  3. Cotton is ironed hot and is then washable to at least 30 °.
  4. Synthetics sometimes react unusually - so try it.

In any case, the Florentine now looks very noble and no longer looks like an old curtain.

Incidentally - should someone accept the suggestion and a princess dress work from it - such a Florentine tulle can also be very well aufmopsen with pearls and sequins, grad in the lower, lush lace area and is the right Edelklamotte!

If you do not dye the Florentine - well, then sew a wedding dress out of it ... or something ...