Easy help with hiccups

Since I often suffer from hiccups and have already tried many things, here is a tip that always works with me to 100%:

There are many crazy tools and tips (lemon, handstand, nose hold, yoga ...) but the only thing that ALWAYS helped me was this:

I count the seconds of my hiccup (for example, every 10 seconds comes a "hiccup").

Then I take a drink (water, juice, beer - no matter what) and start about 2-3 seconds BEFORE the next "Hicks" in small sips to drink. And a whole glass full, so I'm drinking while the next hiccup would happen. I do not take breaks, but drink in small sips the whole glass empty.

The body refrains thereby the "jerky inhalation", since one is busy with swallowing. Otherwise you would "breathe" the liquid.

But because the body wants to prevent this, he automatically stops the hiccup to protect himself.

Many known tricks are aimed at the same system, namely to break the "respiratory problems" by "swallowing activities".

While I can not guarantee that it will work for everyone, I've always succeeded - better than common home remedies.

How to Get Rid of the Hiccups | September 2020