Easy to repair underwired bra

Which woman does not know this when the stirrup (wire) in the bra stings through the fabric and then into the skin. This problem can be solved, the underwire bra can be easily repaired.

Almost everyone has a diabetic in his relationship or in the circle of acquaintances who injects insulin. From these you get the so-called needle caps, which are stuck on the Penkanüle and disposed of with the cannula after use.

Shorten this protective cap with the pair of scissors, put it on the bracket (wire) protruding from the bra and push it through the previously extended hole in the fabric until both have disappeared.

Then sew properly and the bra can be worn again without pain. If the bracket with the protective cap sinks heavily into the bra, simply shorten the bracket (wire) by approx. 5 mm.

Quick fixes: How to fix bra underwires | May 2020