Eau de Parfum make yourself (similar to the smell of Nivea cream)

I love the fresh scent of the white all-purpose cream from the blue can. I even wrote directly to the manufacturer and asked for this fragrance as Eau de Parfum. Got the answer that this was not intended as a commercial product. After a while, however, this was actually an Eau de Toilette, 30 ml for 24? to buy. Several had probably expressed the wish. But that was too expensive for me in the end.

Make Nivea perfume yourself

By chance, I then read that Nevonia fragrance oil smells very similar. I have with me then cosmetic base water mixed, filled into a nice 50 ml glass bottle for spraying and left dark for 14 days. This really smells nice as expected fresh and is a nice unobtrusive everyday scent for me. As a neurodermatitis I spray it only on my clothes or about me in the air as a cloud and put me briefly under it. I can not stand a perfume directly on the skin.

Classic scent concentrations

  • Eau de Toilette 6-9%
  • Eau de Parfum 10-14%
  • Perfume 15-30%

The concentration of the mixture is a matter of taste. I chose 10%.

Important tip: Do not forget a tiny one perfume funnel buy in and put a long paper clip between funnel and bottleneck when filling (old laboratory antics) otherwise there is a mess.

Everything under cosmetic raw materials also online available.

NIVEA PERFUMES HAUL REVIEW ft. MY BOYFRIEND | Tommelise | September 2023