Eliminate Qi's of the bra

An underwired bra squeaks and creaks because very smooth surfaces rub against each other. These are covered with smooth plastic steel strap and the synthetic fiber of the ironing enclosure. It's like a woman sliding her wet finger on a glass plate. This creates a similar noise.

Would woman moisten the finger with some liquid soap, there is no more squeaking. Thus, it helps, at the temple ends (there is usually the squeaking), the fabric of the ironing each with transparent liquid soap to soak something and allow to dry. Thus, the temple is "lubricated", and no longer creaks! Must be repeated after every wash. Alternatively, the stirrups could be removed, rubbed with wax, and sewn in again (for the skilfully skilled ladies). Happy squeaky end.

Rich Magician: Magician Removes Heidi Klum's Bra - America's Got Talent 2014 | December 2022