Emperor Natron: when the food is like a stone in the stomach

I took this tip from my grandmother, because even grandma always had a sachet of Kaiser Natron in the house.

You recognize it easily, in front of the green figure, a lady from the Roman period draws water from a spring or lake with a carafe.

You can find it in grocery stores, but not at the discount store. Costs a few cents.

Now that the Christmas season is approaching with roast goose and depending on the family tradition, heavy food, following tip:

Fill a regular glass of water three-quarters full with tap water and stir in a teaspoonful of soda, a little heaped up, until only a small amount of powder is visible.

Just drink it, stand for a few minutes or walk around ... usually you have to burst open ... and it is good.

PS: Also helps with a hangover.

History Lessons for Roleplayers, Egyptian Pyramids | June 2022