Endives among each other - a traditional meal in the Ruhr area

This is a real Ruhrpottessen. When the miner came "off shift", he had a hunger for a bear and was looking forward to a meal that was simple, hearty and tasty. Coal mining is a thing of the past, but the love of home cooking has remained in the Ruhr area.

Unbelieving is sometimes asked by non-locals: how, is the endive salad properly dressed like a salad and then mixed with the potatoes? Yes, that's right.


  • A nice head of endive salad
  • 3 pounds of semi-solid potatoes
  • 3 onions
  • a pint of milk
  • 1 lemon, even more if you like it sour
  • 3 tbsp oil
  • Pepper, salt, a pinch of sugar

For the black pudding:

1 kringle of black pudding for frying. So simple, with little bits of bacon (ask the butcher, who knows!) 2 tablespoons flour for dusting and to eat - a lot of mustard!


the potatoes are peeled and softly boiled over with salted water. Drain and crush with the rammer in the pot with the hot milk.

The endive salad is washed, dried well, best in the tea towel -blütenrein, of course - the leaves are stacked and cut fine noodles. So in very fine stripes.

The onions are cut into small pieces, from oil, lemon, pepper and salt and the pinch of sugar stirred a marinade and the salad is allowed to bathe in it.

Now the salad is lifted with a large spoon under the potatoes. Always press with the wooden spoon a bit, then it collapses. You do not necessarily have to process the whole salad, but can also keep something for the next day.

The potato-endive stamping is now carefully - could burn - heated to a small setting. Always stir well so nothing gets stuck in the pot.
Of course you can heat the individual portions in the microwave again.

At the very end, the blood sausage is prepared. It is cut into pieces of portion, skinned, once cut longitudinally. Then toss in flour and fry in hot oil. This is very fast. Now it can be served! Beer or apple spritzer.

Brussels | Wikipedia audio article | July 2020