Envelopes for book mailings provided with holes

Here is a small, but how I mean fine tip, how one can provide covers for book consignments or consignments with holes.

I often send books and DVDs. Of course, I prefer to use used envelopes.

But now you have to close such books and goods shipments so that they can be opened and viewed at any time. Therefore, you are happy to use these small clips for such programs for closing.

However, I have always had great difficulty getting these little holes for the clips neatly through the 3 layers of paper at least. With scissors, this is usually nothing and the fingers are still in danger.

Also, the hole punch does not provide a satisfactory solution, as these holes are almost too big for many clips with round heads and you can attach the holes only near the edge.


Who has a punch (for belts, etc.) at home, can manage it quite well. Even if the material is not completely punched out, the hole is "pre-punched" and can easily be pierced with the clip. That's how I put my holes in the envelopes for a long time.

Now I have found the ultimate solution

The rivet or push button pliers! Even if you hit the open side of the envelope several times or want to punch upholstery envelopes, clean little holes come into existence.

The pliers are everywhere, where push buttons and rivets are offered and do not cost the world.

making mailing envelopes out of book pages using We R memory keepers envelope punch board | May 2020