Exciting evenings without electricity

You can also spend an exciting evening in the family, if you do without electricity.

We at home are very environmentally aware. So in the family, we decided that once every 14 days, we would spend an entire day without electricity. So there is nothing cooked, but delicious breads, fruits and vegetables and what else is the cold kitchen. In addition, TV, music system and light, as well as washing machine and computer remain off. Instead, we all sit together by candlelight, eating together and playing board games together.

Of course, we do not put out the fridge or the freezer, because otherwise spoil the food. Anyway, it's fun for us, it's interesting how nicely it develops, because of course it's totally unfamiliar and you always have the need to miss something. Instead, one notices how one often distracts all the electrical appliances. In addition to the effect of the strengthened community, it also saves us around 35 euros in electricity costs per year.

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