Expel moles and voles

Anyone who has put in a lot of energy and time to bring his lawn in the garden to English standards will curse them: moles and voles. With the mounds thrown up by these animals is the project? Well-groomed grass? once ruined. But again, do not throw the shotgun into the grain or the rake on the compost. There are numerous ways to drive away the unpleasant garden guests and to turn the crater landscape into a richly lush green eye-catcher. Do we take a look in the bag of tricks of the professional gardeners?

Vole or mole?

Before it comes to the question, how will I let it go ?? go, first of all the question, who is it? be clarified. There are different methods to define the new garden dwellers. For this purpose, the raised earth mound is first removed. If the entrance hole lies directly vertically underneath, it is a mole construction. Voles, on the other hand, lay the entrance hole sideways and their corridors lead away from the earth mound. As a rule, the mound thrown up by the mole is also much larger than that of a vole. Another possibility is the so-called "Verwühlprobe". The soil around the mound is scanned vigorously with a rod until it hits a gear and sinks. Then a section of the aisle about 30 centimeters long is dug up. If the hole is refilled after a few hours, it is a vole. A mole, on the other hand, would create a new one below the damaged corridor. After these investigations, it should be clear which animal disturbs the garden peace.

Expel moles

The mole is under protection in Germany for 20 years now. This circumstance excludes all radical methods of getting rid of the plague. Where the term "pest spirit"? Use caution here anyway. Basically, the mole in the garden is actually more useful: its main source of food is snails, slugs and other pests. And the soil he raises is of loose, good quality and can be used to fill the beds. If only the lawn did not look so catastrophic ?! After hunting and killing are forbidden by law (and hopefully by conscience as well), only mild home remedies remain to disperse the mole. In the following the best methods are briefly summarized:

  • fragrance: The nose of moles is much more sensitive than their eyes. In particular, the smell of garlic does not like them at all. If it is still the early stages of gardening, some crushed cloves of garlic can work wonders in the entrance holes of the mole.
  • Noise: Also the sound sensitivity The shy animals can be exploited for their expulsion. For this purpose, some empty bottles are half buried in the garden. If the wind blows over the opening of the bottle, a sound is created that propagates in the ground and disturbs the mole in its rest. Also, an iron rod stuck in the ground, which is regularly worked with a hammer, produces neat noise in the ground.
  • Alcohol: The mole itself is not only unsocial, he also does not like alcohol. Alcohol bottles emptied at the last barbecue should therefore not disappear in the Altglascontainer, but should be inserted with the opening first into the entrance holes of the Maulwurfbau. Cheers.
  • Whey and buttermilk: These drinks also cause disgust at the mole. But before we ask ourselves whether the animals drink anything apart from water, we rather pour a mixture of these two dairy products into the entrance holes and hope that it works.
  • Ultrasonic: The high-tech method. In the garden trade, solar powered mole beepers are available. They have a pointed end, which is simply stuck in the ground. People can not hear the sounds in the ultrasound range, but for moles they are pure terror.

Evict voles

Unlike the mole, the vole is not under nature conservation. Theoretically, the animals may therefore be hunted with commercially available traps. Mind you: Theoretically. Unlike moles, voles are real pests that prefer to feed on the delicate roots of freshly planted vegetables. Positive features: None, except the cute look. If you do not want to take the trouble to protect each individual plant with a root protection made of wire or plastic, you should try to get rid of the animals as soon as possible.

In principle, all tips for repelling moles can also be used with voles. The effect is controversial. One way to get rid of the small rodents without killing them is to use live traps. However, the trapped animals then have to be released far away from the garden. With continued gardening by voles, one probably can not avoid considering more radical methods.

If you know of any other methods to drive Mole and Co., let them all participate in the comments.

How To Remove Moles and Voles From Your Garden For GOOD! | September 2020