Expensive pots do not have to be

Nowadays, there are many pots to buy, in part, the choice is too much even for a savvy housewife, but above all too expensive. Stackable they are today, the lids have already cast openings, you can use them for steaming or whatever.

These pots are not necessary. For a basic equipment, you need a meat pot (about 26 cm in diameter), a soup pot, which is a bit higher, a small pot (potatoes, for example) about 18 cm, a casserole.

I deliberately bought it from enamel. Purchase price about 50 euros for all pots.

Advantage: very light heat conduction, so cooking with low energy is announced, which saves electricity and - why that is, I do not know - the food just tastes better. They are easy to clean (never use the pot scratch).

Sandwich bottoms are commonplace today, but I'm glad to get used to the good old enamel again - try it ... it's an experience of a special kind ...

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