Experience with the minus-1 diet

In the minus 1 diet after Ronald Schweppe and Aljoscha Schwarz no calories are counted. What is at stake here is to find out what is good for you by doing without certain foods? and what not. The eight-week leave diet, where every week a different enjoyment or food is spared, should not only lose weight, but also get more fitness. I tried it and now write my experiences with it.

Diet start without sugar

It started with one sugar-free week, In the run-up, I thought that would only affect the chocolate, the jam, the ketchup, the sugar in the coffee and on the weekend the cake. Not even close! Some of my daily foods contain sugar substitutes that, while reducing calories, may also be appetizing. The list of sugary foods has been getting longer and longer, and the first few days I've been really stressed out about putting together the allowed foods and drinks, as I know it at the beginning of diets where calories are counted. But I was rewarded: the balance showed less after week one.

Fitter without energy bar and coffee

In the second week, the challenge was to without fast food and snacks get along. I concentrated on breakfast, lunch and dinner and kept the small hunger in between. This was really a self-experience, because usually I always get a cereal bar from the bag or jump to the bakery, as soon as an energy hole is approaching. At the end of the week my body already showed less hunger. The third Week without coffee once brought tiredness. Dodge on green or black tea is not allowed here either. After this week, I had the feeling that the caffeine withdrawal was doing me quite well and I'm feeling a lot fitter all in all.

Abandonment of dairy products and white flour

You can really argue about milk. Whole milk I do not drink for a long time. Now my job was one Week without dairy productsSo without butter, yogurt or cheese. So, no grated Emmentaler more about the noodles and the finished products the nutritional information studied. After this week, I had a significant weight loss and went in a good mood in the 5th week without white flour: The cereal was easy to replace, and also the whole wheat spaghetti was delicious? with tomato sauce and Parmesan anyway. I have lost little weight this week, although I was more satisfied and less eaten. However, this may be due to the over-whitening of wholemeal products by spreads or sauces, as I will pay attention to a repetition of the minus-1 diet or everyday life on it.

The weeks without alcohol, meat and additives

A week without alcohol, I always build again. My circle of friends knows this too, so I do not have to explain anything on festive occasions during this time. These days I also abstained from alcohol-free beer and relied entirely on mineral water. In addition to a slight weight loss, drinking water, which I usually forget otherwise, has felt very good. In the following 7th week without meat and sausage I was probably a bit tired of diet. Since I'm not a big meat eater anyway, I've been a bit weak and focused on the last week of the minus-1 diet, the seven days without additives. Here it was helpful that I had already dealt with the various sweeteners in the first week. Now all the flavorings, preservatives and dyes were added. So a week with lots of fresh vegetables from the health food store, accompanied by new recipes. The weight loss in this final week was low, but the gain for the taste buds very large.

My conclusion to the minus 1 diet

Counting a diet without calories seemed to me very easy at first. Plus, if you just have to focus on one nutritional sin every week, leaving it out. For me it was still a challenge, because I had to prepare for the coming week target almost every week. I lost three kilos in two months. For me a success, because the diets that promise five kilos in five days are more like a short break compared to me, which brings short-term variety, but no real recovery.

The mindfulness, which should be accompanied by the minus-1 diet, has long lasting impressed me, so I use less sugar in everyday life, often can dispense with unhealthy snacks and even with my cheese and cream sauces are a bit more economical. This is also reflected in the weight, which I can hold more stable than before the minus-1 diet. And if I throw all the attention overboard and bing for a weekend, then I know how to get it down again.

T Minus 2 Days - Eating Whole Food Plant-Based | January 2021