Eye shadow for beginners (all colors)

Again and again I see women who are simply made up horribly: Keyword black kohl pencil and then bright turquoise eyeshadow on the whole eye. Uääh :-(

If you want to use lyrics, and do not really know how to do it, here it's easy, for beginners (advanced will do it differently, but that's the way it looks).

You need three shades of color: light, medium, dark in one color. Alternatively something like light and dark nuances of a color and in addition a beige / gold etc. Concealer, Makeup or whatever you used should already be on it - Rouge at the end (so after the eyes), I'll do it anyway.

1. Paint the entire eyelid with the brightest tone or gold / beige, to the eyebrow (please pluck clean beforehand!)

2. Paint the moving lid with the middle tone. To do this, take a wide brush or your finger, first apply little color, but rather intensify afterwards.

3. "wipe" with a dry cotton swab, a clean finger or a fresh brush. Thus, the difference between the base color and the middle color no longer works so blatantly.

4. Now use a thin brush, or a pointed applicator, to record VERY LITTLE of the dark color. It is best to try the following before picking up the color: use the clean brush to move the eyelid crease ("practice"). Then the same with the color. Also here: only a little, if necessary more.

5. Again slightly blending everything (= blur so it does not look that hard).

6. Now with the thin brush quietly strong in the dark color, tap, and paint along the upper and lower lash line (I personally prefer to do this step with a wet cotton swab).

7. If it looks too blatant, blind again. Finally, dab a bit of the light tone into the inner corner of the eye.

Now neatly lash the eyelashes. Finished ! :-)

I'm medium pale, with dark blond to light brown hair, green eyes and freckles. Is it not so easy. My favorite is: three lilacs, but in addition to the brightest a bit of yellow-gold polka dot :-)

So, short Resume: Actually, everything goes without a brush, only with fingers and / or cotton swabs. - Except step 4: but you can do that with the small applicator, which is usually included. If that's too hard for you, you can leave it out because it looks too bad.