Falling asleep better in the heat: turn the hot water bottle into a "cold bottle"

Yesterday I took a purpose-designed hot water bottle to bed to sleep better in the heat. It worked great :-)!

To do this, I filled the hot water bottle with ice water (put the plastic water bottle in the freezer first) and put it to bed without any reference. But it was so cold that I first put a cloth on it.

Today I try it with water from the fridge that I have already set this morning cold. If it's not cold enough, I'll put the cold bottle filled with ice water into bed before I go to sleep. The whole thing should work well with the gel pad, which you can put in the fridge / fridge before. Have one uploaded as a second photo.

Sleeping Advice & Hot Water Bottle Treatments | Facing East by Norma Kamali & Dr. Jingduan Yang | January 2023